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About Us
The SEO Authority is a trading company of Green Gecko Consulting Ltd, working out of Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK and with operating offices in Barcelona, Spain.

Our business is helping you to make your business more successful. We have the tools, techniques and enthusiasm to work with you ensuring that your website enjoys better visibility on all the worlds major search engines leading to an increase of leads, contacts and sales.

The SEO Authority has a wealth of Internet experience gathered over the last 12 years and we have the core skills and attitudes to make working with us easy and rewarding.

We specialise in organic search optimisation and delivering results for small to medium enterprises.We work with you, and your partners as necessary.

Here at the SEO Authority, we are helping more and more website owners. It is easy to demonstrate how powerful this process is, often only one change can make a major difference to your profitability, so Contact Us and we will show you how.

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