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Micro-Sites & Mini-Sites
Don’t aim to rank – Aim to dominate!

There are 3 distinctive reasons for micro site / minisite creation:

bullet Promoting your primary website through lead generation.

bullet Aggressive targeting of specific products or services.

bullet Dominating the search engine results pages with multiple rankings.

SEO Effectiveness
Micro Site /minisite Process

We perform full keyword research and purchase a highly optimised aged domain name for your business. We will create a brand new custom designed micro site that will contain fresh optimised content and copy different to your primary site.

Anchor text links will be created back to your primary site for highly effective 1 way links. We will host the site for you on a paid hosting plan that resides on a unique I.P to that of your main/parent site. .

There is no limit to how many micro sites you create. Multiple micro sites and minisites are an increasingly popular way of targeting hundreds of keywords relating to your business without making changes or diluting the keyword targeting of your primary site.

If you already have no .1 rankings for your keywords. Why stop there, you could own positions 1, 2, 3 and all of Google page 1 if that is your goal. Don’t aim to rank – Aim to dominate.

We can usually have a micro site designed, coded, optimised and posted live within 2 weeks. Please contact us for more information about this and other services we offer.

Live Examples of Microsites and minisites we have developed are shown within our clients and portfolio section
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