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So what is an SEO Strategy or Search Engine Strategy? Essentially this is a plan to gain and maintain a leading position across the top search engines and how you will implement it.

There are number of reasons why drawing up a strategy is important: i.e Resource planning, budgeting and aligning business objectives. Commonly, we have prepared SEO Strategy or Search Engine Strategy to business owners wishing to increase and improve online presence or implement their own Off-Page SEO Campaign, which we call DIY SEO.


Here at the SEO Authority, we are helping more and more website owners to DIY SEO. Our strategy service doesn’t just tell you what needs doing; it tells you how to do it. We will detail all the techniques, toolsets for accomplishing your SEO Strategy to agency standards, i.e. high return with minimum effort.

The SEO Strategy we will produce will be bespoke fitted to meet your goals and business objectives online. This covers elements such as video syndication; social networking and gaining free valuable one way links on content related sites as well as incorporating the necessary on-page changes seamlessly.

If you have tried SEO yourself already then it’s safe to say that you will have spent a measurable amount of time researching which techniques, toolsets you should use. As part of your research you may well have been faced with conflicting information from one online resource to the next.

All of our recommended strategic activities are backed by positive live results across the search engines. We know what works and how to achieve results first time every time. The SEO-Authority and any recommendations we make to website owners, not only follow SEO best practice, but strictly adhere to search engine guidelines.

Please contact us for a low cost quotation for SEO Strategy or any further information.

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